Mini-Changelog for SANE/Microtek backend

October 1, 2002 - v0.13.1
Fixed bug in sane_read(). [had failed to set return length to zero in non-STATUS_GOOD conditions] (thanks to Witold Paluszynski)
Fixed bug in sane_set_io_mode(). [had returned SANE_STATUS_UNSUPPORTED if blocking mode was requested]
July 22, 2002 - v0.13.0
Replaced fprintf(stderr, ...) with various DBG() statements.
Updated .desc file.
Removed #include <stdio.h>.
Eliminated some age-old compiler warnings.
Updated copyright dates.
May 23, 2001 - v0.12.3
Added some missing 'static' declarations. Support for Agfa StudioStar. (thanks to Emil Assarsson)
May 23, 2001 - v0.12.2
'Properly' use expanded contrast/exposure settings to set option range
Support for Polaroid SprintScan 35LE. (thanks to Dick Bruijn)
- added "Polaroid" vendor string
- screwed around with 'brightness' setting
- attached 'negative scan' button
sane_exit() now frees the devlist allocated by sane_get_devices().
March 5, 2000 - v0.12.1
Quick patch to disable calibration quirks for anything but an E6.
February 8, 2000 - v0.12.0
LUT entry size should match bit depth of scan. (thanks to Henrik Schmidt)
Free LUT's in sane_close().
Fixed really dumb type typos in microtek.h
Added all "mystery" model codes (and an auto-warning).
Added all additional document size codes.
Made function (description) of "scan speed" more obvious.
Added entries for Color PageWiz. (thanks to Marcel Pol)
Added entries for Agfa DuoScan. (thanks to Jean-Yves Le Ridant)
A few miscellaneous cleanups to quiet gcc warnings.
December 2, 1999 - v0.11.0
Sync'ed up with sane-1.0.1.
Added extra "Microtek" vendor string for 35t+. (thanks to Henk van der Knaap)
Added extra "MII SC25" vendor string for 600GS. (thanks to Romain Dolbeau)
Correct base resolutions for 35t and 45t. (thanks to David T. Gregorich)
Agfa StudioScan reported to work.
Fixed handling of large gamma tables (i.e. ScanMaker III).
Changed name of option "halftone"->"halftone-pattern"
Increased status timeout, to try to help IIXE. (Thanks to P.J. Rovero)
Added "magic" calibration code using undocumented commands, thanks to the SCSI-snooping expertise of Klaus Espenlaub.
Added "norealcal" option for microtek.conf to disable new code in case it causes problems.
Added new UI option "Calibrate Only Once" if new code is enabled, which can cut a few seconds off scans (enabled by default).
Updated man pages, default .conf file, and .desc file.
December 3, 1998 - v0.10.1 (patch)
Fixed off-by-1 error in revision-number parsing.
dump_inquiry() now prints the "Vendor Specific String".
Added model code/vendor name for the other 600ZS.
Made get_scan_status() retry delay increase with each try (will this help the poor 600ZS?).
Corrected base resolution for Agfa StudioScan II/IIsi (400dpi).
Disabled backend's clever aspect-ratio correction code for expanded-mode scans with StudioScan II/IIsi (scanners handles it internally - smart scanner.)
Fixed gamma LUT code parsing stupidity: now correctly determines maximum allowed LUT size, and uses it. (Especially necessary for StudioScan II/IIsi.)
The E6 claims to only support 256-byte LUT's, but the backend now ignores that misinformation (and uses 1024).
Now ignores denial of expanded-mode by older E6's (model code 0x63), in addition to newer E6's.
November 22, 1998 - v0.10
Removed unnecessary free() in sane_close() which caused a segfault on exit.
August 10, 1998 - v0.9.1 (patch)
Fix to red channel shift bug, which crept in during rewrite of color-handling code.
Addition of "patch level" to version codes.
July 24, 1998 - v0.9
Complete rewrite of bit-shuffling, buffering, and color-handling code.
Improved rescaling algorithm for expanded resolution scans.
Support for 600GS (and maybe ZS, too) (thanks to Oliver Neukum).
Support for document autofeeder and IIG (thanks to Ross Crawford).
Fixed sane_cancel. (finally!)
sane_get_parameters size estimates are now accurate to the last bit.
get_scan_status timeout increased (for 600GS), status code fixed.
Fixed parsing of 3-pass bit in INQUIRY data.
Stopped sending gamma tables to scanners that don't want them.
Made precalibration a bit more robust (always attempt at least one scan line now).
Much, much code clean-up.
Updated man-page.
June 9, 1998 - v0.8
Tested & working with saned. (Atrocious hack so sane_read handles buffers smaller than one scanline.)
Auto-expand pre/post hold buffers as necessary (fixes some problems with single-pass color scans).
Added configuration file option to disable precalibration logic.
Fixed document size calculations.
Added more informative scsi-II note.
Remove misnomer "Highscan" from manpage.
Updated man-page.
May 4, 1998 - v0.7
Added in precalibration code: try to intelligently have scanner run a calibration only once when necessary --- this shaves a solid six seconds off every scan!
Added model code/vendor name for ScanMaker 600ZS.
Added model codes/vendor name for Agfa Arcus II, StudioScan, StudioScan II.
Patched up 3-pass scanning (forgot to switch color planes).
Corrected IIHR to 600dpi base resolution.
Check so that 0x0 regions are recognized as invalid.
Fixed subtle buffering bug in color scans.
Fixed-up active/inactive dependencies among options.
Make sure shadow <= midtone <= highlight.
Let shadow/midtone/hightlight be active during LineArt and Halftone.
"Halftoning" option moved into Scan Mode Group (from Enhancement).
Removed some illegal "TEST_UNIT_READY" commands (during scan).
Removed "MODE_SENSE_1", since it didn't quite work anyway.
April 7, 1998 - v0.6
Added model code for Scanmaker 35t+.
Fix E2 inquiry (it reports itself as one-pass).
Modified SCSI handling to ignore certain spurious errors.
March 6, 1998 - v0.5
Added preliminary, untested 3-pass color support.
Changed default scan region to be whole page.
Removed a lingering strdup declaration.
Added warning about newer, SCSI-II scanners to id code and man pages.
"Lineart" is now "LineArt".
No longer dumps inquiry information by default.
Man-page updated.
December 16, 1997 - v0.4
Changes to config file handling, in line with sane-0.67.
Much rework for color scanning (fixes high-res segfaults).
Careful to not set SANE_INFO_RELOAD_OPTIONS if option structure doesn't actually change.
Tidied more.
Added informative inquiry dump if scanner is not recognized.
Added proper vendor string for ScanMaker IISP, thanks to Karl Oygard (
Fast scans for previews (third the time).
Added proper vendor string for Scanmaker E2, thanks to Lars Schrix (
Added expanded resolution, with proper aspect scaling.
Wrote a manual page!
Oct 24, 1997 - v0.3
Long overdue!
More dumb bugs involving option capabilities fixed.
Scalar gamma correction control added.
Transparent media adapter (TMA) works thanks to Tim Prime (
Subtle bugs in color scan unpacking fixed.
Digital Brightness added for testing; does not quite work.
Oct 2, 1997 - v0.2
Dumb bugs involving option capabilities fixed --- scanimage now useable.
Gamma table control added.
Sept 24, 1997 - v0.1
Initial release. Basic scanning functions. Many missing controls.
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