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Welcome to the Keskin Gallery

The Keskin Gallery is located at 440 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, in the heart of Central Square - the artistic center of Cambridge. The gallery is dedicated to the memory of Siddik Sinan Keskin, patron of the arts and former resident of the building in which the gallery now stands.

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Current Exhibits

"Miami Memories"

on display April 1st through July 1st, 1997

A textile work which captures a moment (of roughly 5 years) in the artist's life and leisure.

"Out of the Closet"

permanent collection

A pair of oil works recently unearthed, but thought to date back to 1988. Painted in a discernably post-modern enhanced NeoCubist style, these two canvases evoke a sense of instant wonderment, which just as quickly fades to quizzical consternation.

Hours of Admission

We rarely admit to anything, but when we do, it is usually between the hours of 2am and 6am, in the form of slurred rantings to colleagues over chips and beer.

Gallery Membership

Support the arts! For a donation of $10 or more, you can become a "Friend of the Gallery". Your contribution will help to fund the gallery, and will contribute to artistic endeavors in Cambridge.

As a benefit, you will receive a membership card which entitles you to discounts on KG events. You will also receive a subscription to Loud Whispers, the Keskin Gallery newsletter, containing news from the arts, photos and reviews of studio works, and poetry and other creative fiction.

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